24/07/2022 – A European Sneak Peek

So after an emotional rollercoaster of a day, I think I’m finally composed enough and ready to share this with you.

For Volume 004 of Lost in Cult‘s [lock-on] gaming journal, I wrote a piece looking at Grim Fandango’s respectful exploration of death and Mexican traditions.

To promote the journal, it was chosen as a highlight today by none other than Eurogamer!

Easily the biggest site I’ve ever been featured on and my article basically representing [lock-on], it’s safe to say the nerves were sky high. The journal is full of MUCH more talented writers than I and this is a piece I’m both proud and intensely critical of. I changed/rewrote so much during the process, I lost count. I immediately wanted another rewrite as soon as this went live. Still kinda do. I don’t want to potentially limit the reach of those super talented people’s work in any way.

But to know that Eurogamer chose my piece to highlight is pretty overwhelming. In a good way.

Have a gander if you like.

P.S. I assure you, there are TONS of much better pieces in [lock-on] 004, so please, please buy it, whatever your thoughts on this 🙏
You won’t be disappointed!

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