Being a typical Capricorn and obsessed with structure and organisation, I wanted to try and inject a little literary spontaneity for myself. Over the last few months, I’ve experimented with flash and free writing with random word prompts. Sometimes poetry, sometimes prose, sometimes a little bit of both; whatever feels natural for that prompt. And so far, it’s been incredibly fun and liberating. This one went beyond the Instragram-ready photo square. Somehow the words just flowed out of me with this prompt. So I thought I’d give it a bit more space and share it with you here 🙂


Every day, a new break.
A hairline split.
Covered by lacquer in microseconds and good as new.
Another blow, a fresh fissure.
Filled so fast it seems never touched, undisturbed.
But beneath the veneer, the fractures lengthen and widen.
Spreading and branching like delicate veins,
painting an intricate map of forks and tears.
But even without blinking, you’d still miss it.

Be it harsh words, careless actions
or an immaterial denizen of my own mind that delivers the wounds,
another threadlike crack traverses beneath.
Each fracture invisibly oozes agony, anger and anguish.
If the porcelain above is tarnished at all,
the lines appear as if dripped with gold.

The thing that defies all bounds of logic?
This is regularly courted.
Every searing split is gamely borne
and the soul is rent asunder.
Simply to see the smile that would melt a glacial fortress,
the smile that belongs to they who are golden.
The subterreanea will be torn, but the surface remains smooth.
A fracture will become a network of raw ravines,
above is a serene millpond.

Just to see happiness in those eyes.

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